How Communication Will Make Your Business Successful

Developing the ability to communicate effectively (or not) can make or break your team, your workplace culture, and inevitably – your business.

If you are in a leadership position in your organisation, then you understand the importance of effective communication in the workplace. Learning how to influence others while communicating in a way that can be easily understood and received positively requires a conscious effort that must be developed consistently.

No matter what type of workplace training you do, there’s still plenty to learn about communicating effectively with your employees.

When you give your staff the right tools to develop the necessary skills that allow them to form clear lines of communication within your organisation (particularly between leaders and their direct reports), then your people and your workplace culture will flourish.

People, culture and effective communication will make your business successful.

And no amount of business strategies, systems or processes will ever work if your people can’t communicate effectively.

Don Tricker, New Zealand Rugby High Performance Manager, says “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

So how can you give your people the right tools and skills they can use everyday in order to master the art of communication?

Simple – with DOTS.

DOTS™ is an amazing training tool that is revolutionising the way the world communicates through developing the art of Precognitive Communication skills in a really simple yet highly effective way.

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By running the 1 day DOTS™ training you will:

  • Up-skill your team in the art of precognitive communication – everyone needs to be able to effectively communicate and our training will enhance your team’s ability to do so immediately.
  • Increase staff productivity by giving them the ability to grow their strengths and compliment any weaknesses – collaboration works well when people are able to do what they’re good at and get support with what they’re not.
  • Improve customer service in real ways by providing clarity for your team around customer behaviour (why they think and act the way they do) and how they want to be spoken to.
  • Reduce conflict in the workplace and enhance your team’s ability in dealing with ‘challenging situations’ by providing clarity and understanding around miscommunication and frustration.
  • Foster an environment for high performing teams and people – your workplace culture will thrive.

IMG_0124Most businesses at some point have a level of miscommunication going on which can impact the bottom line in terms of staff turnover rates or lower than desirable productivity issues. Our clients tell us that there is a positive impact on profitability after staff have done the DOTS™ course. This is because people start to appreciate differences and work more collaboratively both within the business and with their clients.

Everyone needs to be able to effectively communicate and this course will enhance your workplace culture immediately.

To find out more about easy it can be to make your business successful through improving communication, watch the short DOTS™ video and send us a message below.

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