In the end what do we really need?

While spending these final few days saying goodbye to my Poppa, something I’ve realised is that people really are wonderful and that sometimes the worst situations bring out the best in us (bitter sweet right?).

It’s the little bursts of kindness that really make these days bearable – from the nurse who opened up her staff room for us to collect ourselves after a difficult moment, to the airNZ staff member who noticed we were finding it hard to function and stopped to talk and help us in a busy airport.

It’s the many moments where friends, family and sometimes complete strangers offer a hand for no reason other than to make our lives a little easier.

In the end it’s people that matter the most.

It’s our relationships with others and the kindness we show them.

It’s not money, it’s not stuff, it’s not status – it’s people that matter.

Because in the end we can’t take any of it with us and our possessions – our cars, our homes, our toys, aren’t going to comfort us when we need it.

But our relationships with people will.

So tell people you love them. Show them.

Tell them how much they mean to you even if it feels awkward.

Because a moment of awkwardness is better than a lifetime of regret.

Hearing my first “I love you too” from my Poppa in these final days is something I will cherish forever.

All I’m really trying to say here is just be kind and don’t be afraid to love.

Because feeling loved in our final moments from those around us – in the end that’s all we need 💙

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